Les élèves de 3° Mandela ont produits des récits à partir d'une photo et du début et de la fin du texte. Ils ont laissé parler leur imagination ....
"Peregrin was alone. He was in the dark next to a small house. He could hear...
... Together, they felt strong and ran out of the house as fast as possible."

"Peregrin was alone. He was in the dark next to a small house. He could hear "Help! Help please!" and noises of chains. He opened the door and he entered the house. Peregrin was walking along a long corridor, when suddenly, he found a young boy. He was chained up.

"Who are you?" Peregrin said.

"My  name is James, an ogre chained me! He wants to eat me!" the young boy answered.

Peregrin freed him. They could hear a big grunt, the ground was shaking. An enormous shade appeared.

"It's him! we have to go now!" James said to Peregrin.

Peregrin and the young boy managed to get away. Once outside, James barricaded the door of the house with his chains. Together, they felt strong and ran away from the house as fast as possible."

Mathieu, Noé, Wassim.

Peregrin was alone. He was in the dark next to a small house. He could hear noises that were coming from the house. He went into the house, he opened the door. When he entered the house, he heard children whispering. He heard voices increasingly loud and he walked to the living-room. A chair moved and suddenly, he heard a nursery rhyme. He approached and he heard sobbings in the corner of the room. He held his hand out and the little girl clang to him.

"Who are you?" Peregrin asked.

"Shush! Don't speak loudly, she could hear you. I'm Anna." Anna said.

Suddenly, they heard noises and they opened the door onto the corridor and they saw a shade. That was the spirit of the house, Asleh, who had died two years before.

Together, theyfelt strong and ran out of the house as fast as possible.

Chloé, Laura, Miléna

Peregrin was alone. He was in the dark next to a small house. He could hear sobs. He was heading for them. He found a little girl who was crying. 

"Why are you crying?" he asked her.

"I'm crying because I'm scared about the barkings coming from the house." she explained..

"Oh, but a little dog may be locked in the house. We could go and see." he suggested.

"Ok, let's go."

The two accomplices were heading for the house. They entered, and they discovered that the house was turned upside down. The tapestries were torn by marks of claws. Then, they saw three pairs of eyes. They heard a grunt. Suddenly, a big dog with three heads jumped, it was baying like a monster. Together, they felt strong and ran out of the house as fast as possible."

Nina, Sarah, Maya

"Peregrin was alone. He was in the dark next to a small house. He could hear hear the wind that was whistling and shaking the trees. It was raining in this worrying forest. He ran to find shelter in the closest house. Outdoor, wolves were howling and gusts of wind were making the door bang. Worried, he was looking for food and a blanket. 

Suddenly, he saw a shadow, he was trembling, he turned around and he was reassured when he discovered his friends of the camp, Stanley and John. 

The radio turned on abruptly and they heard that the storm was extending, they had to go back to the camp. Together, they felt strong and ran out of the house as fast as possible."

Louise, Lucie, Océane, Armelle

A horrible night

Peregrin was alone. He was in the dark next to a small house. He could hear his girlfriend, Emily, who was screaming in the house. He slowly approached it and he saw that Emily wanted to run away from the house, surely pursued by an unknown danger . Seeing her panic, he put down the bag of wood he had just picked up and he came to help her. 

"Peregrin ! Peregrin! You have to call the police, they are locked ! He wants to kill us ! He'll kill us !" she shouted while she was shaking his shoulders. 

"We are going to the radio station, but before calm down and breathe." Reassured, he calmed down, although at heart he was panicked.

"Yes, but I have twisted my ankle down the stairs, just now." She complained.

"Do not worry, stay calm and have the rest. I will call the police."

On the way, the couple heard a very strange sound behind them, taken by panic they decided to return to the small house. But asthey turned, a huge creature, who was thin, and whose skin was burnt, appeared before their eyes. They began running , but Emily, whose ankle was injured, what caught by the monster. The young man saw his girlfriend's head being crushed in the skeletal hands of this thing. Shocked, Peregrin stayed alone for a few seconds seeing the blood of his beloved girlfriend running down his sweater.  He immediately began to run faster, leaving the creature enjoy his treat.

Once he was away from the crime scene, Peregrin stopped behind a tree. A man arrived with an imposing weapon, which was connected to two bottles hanging like a sack on his back. Too tired to flee, Peregrin begged the man to let him live. 

"Don't worry, I know how to kill them, just do exactly as I do." The man whispered to Peregrin.

"Hum, - I am – Peregrin- How?! -  How do you know that I've met - these monsters?'

"Listen boy, seeing your head, you've not seen fairies, but now face them, make noise and do not move."

'Hum- I promise, how do you know these creatures?"

"We don't have time to chat . Burn the wendigoes to kill them. Now let's go slowly, they aren't far away."

The two men walked down, but unfortunately, they atttracted the wendigoes to the cottage. They had time to reach it and lock the door. Peregrin went in with a weapon to free his friends while the unknown man stood by the front door. The young man asked his friends to get away from behind the door and he shot at it to unlock the door, the room was now comparable to a prison.

"Arh! Finally ! You've freed us from this place!" Ashley cried.

"Thank you man !" Mike said, he was not stressed at all.

"Thank you! You've saved us from this crazy Josh!" Jessica thanked him.

"What ? What does Josh have to do in this story?"

"He-  he wanted to kill us and so we thank you for saving us, but where's Emily?"

Chris was worried and he was looking behind their savior.

"She- she died-" Peregrin whispered. 

"No! Is it a joke?!" Mike replied, surprised.

"No, these creatures are so ugly, they kill everyone they see. If they are nearby, don't move and don't talk, and go out of here." Peregrin said.

When the group went downstairs they saw a wendigo who was holding the man by the neck and he impaled him on a stick at the bottom of the staircase. Other wendigoes arrived to try and find other preys, so the group of friends tried to get out. But when two creatures spotted the bloody body, they rushed on it, since they didn't want to share their meal, they began fighting. As they were fighting, they pierced a gas pipe and broke the glass of a light bulb. The friends looked at each other and they knew that if they stayed there any longer they would not survive. Ashley was near the exit and near the switch of the broken bulb. She showed her friends to get closer to the exit as quickly as possible. Ashley had thought of everything, when they would get out , she would activate the switch, which would make the house explode after a few seconds. The wendigoes would die.

Once outdoors, Ashley exclaimed, "Let's go!" Together, they felt strong, and then ran out of the house as quickly as possible.

Eva, Eva, Louis